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My story

I have always dreamed to write. I have always dreamed to teach. I have always been a Christian. So what happened?
God activated it all at once! What a release it was! I earned my degree and published my first book all at the same time! I am blessed to be a blessing with my books and my anointed teaching abilities and I'm loving every step of the way!

An Idea is Born

Who would have known my journey would have taken me here? God! That's who. I teach children and adults from all over the world from the comforts of my home and have even gotten the opportunity to visit China. Now I am on the way to owning my own publishing house so I can help others do the same. We can hold hands and create footsteps in the sand together. I am here to help. 
 Ms LaLa Books House is coming soon!
Above all...
God first and foremost. 
When God is in the center of all that you do, it shall be blessed and withstand all the wiles of the devil.

Welcome to Ms LaLa Books

Books can take you anywhere!  

I write to inspire and encourage our youth to read.  

My books are full of comical realistic fiction.  As an educator I aid students in reading and writing on a daily basis.  Reading and writing should be viewed as a creative expression of communication rather than a tedious chore or required task.  

I want to take your mind on a trip to my piece of world that I have designed for mental vacationing and stimulate the imaginative sense of what could be.  

Welcome, Salutations, and all that good stuff.  Sit back and stay awhile. 

This is where my books come to life. 

This is a movement and alphabet book. You won't be able to resist but to move and laugh along through the alphabet. Learning is fun and full of exploration opportunities. Explore a new alphabet book and learn individually or share with a group. The best part are the illustrations. Real pictures are used so children can relate and see the real world as they learn the ABCs. Come on and move together!

Have you always thought flies are nags? Well, just perhaps the fly has a different opinion. After reading this book you will wonder what the fly wonders and you just may agree. You know you would!

 You Know You Would  by Ms LaLa

A poetic flowing book about the differences and celebration of hair. Each of us own our own crown, our hair! It's unique to who we are. Don't compare your hair with others. Embrace it and style it as you please. After all...why do you care about my hair?

Why Do You Care About My Hair by Ms LaLa

Have a hearty laugh with the Ness family. This big family is different than most. Meet each one and decide who would most likely be your friend. This Christian family prays their way out of jams and value one another as a family unit. Be a part of the crazy Ness crew. 

The Naked Acorn by Ms LaLa

Many new adventures coming soon! Book 2: I'm Not an Idiom

This was my first book!
Keeping On is just what the title suggests. A little girl has to keep keeping on to conquer her fears. Have you ever let you imagination get the best of you. I loved how I used Crayolas to really make the artwork pop from a child's point of view. Take a read and remember to keep keeping on!

Another of my many hats...

My books encourage reading with laughter. Reading and comprehension are invaluable life long skills. This is why I teach the English language, reading, and comprehension skills to children and adults from all around the world. 

This Mommy works at home while fulfilling her dreams and you can too! Check out my different sources of income. Here are my referral links for you. 

Sharing is caring. 

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